What would I do if a person went overboard? This is a situation I hope I never find myself in, but I am prepared just in case. Boat captains who have had a person fall overboard say it is much harder to make a rescue than they had thought. Here are a few general rules I would follow to recover someone in the water. I hope I never have to deal with this situation.

First, stay calm.

Second, throw a lifesaving device alongside them, not at them.

Keep the victim in sight, never take your eyes off them. If it is dark, shine a light on them.

When you get close enough, hand them a short line, a paddle, or anything else they can grab and stop the motor. Then lead them around to the stern of the boat.

Help the Person aboard. If you must get in the water to help them into the boat, you should put on a life jacket and tie a line to yourself and the boat.

Keep them warm.

Make sure the person stays warm and dry as possible.
Do not give the victim hot drinks or alcohol if you think they may be suffering from hypothermia.
seek medical help at once. you can call coast Guard on channel 16 of vhf radio.

Life Jackests

Life jackets are lightweight and comfortable, so we should wear them all the time. I personally like inflatable life jackets when I’m salmon fishing in the ocean. If you use an inflatable, always check the CO2 card to make sure its up-to-date. Buoy10 salmon fishing


Everybody, please be safe out there! This is a reminder that accidents can happen, even to the most experienced people. Please take the time to read this article, and heed the advice it provides. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. That’s why it’s so important to always be aware of your surroundings, and to always wear a life jacket when you’re out on the water.



What would I do if a person went overboard

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