What to Fish for on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon!

In Portland, Oregon, we have Salmon, steelhead, Sturgeon, Walleye and bass. These are some of the most targeted fish in the Portland area and on the Columbia River.

And, of course, plenty of panfish, like blugill perch and crappie.

In my next few blogs, we will talk a little bit about each one of these fish that are on the Columbia River and Willamette River.

Columbia River Sturgeon.

But since I’m gearing up for Sturgeon, let’s start with Columbia River sturgeon fishing.

I love fishing the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, especially in May and June. The sturgeon fishing is great during those months, with fish ranging from 20 inches to 12 feet long. That’s right, monster sturgeon live in the Columbia River!

The Columbia River Gorge is where I do most of my sturgeon fishing. It’s really cool to reel in a 500-pound fish that close to downtown Portland, Oregon.

The Columbia River Gorge is absolutely gorgeous, and I never get tired of looking at it. It’s a great place to fish for sturgeon, and the scenery is just as good.

Even though you can’t keep these huge sturgeon, the thrill of catching one is unforgettable. Just seeing a 10-foot sturgeon jump out of the water while you’re trying to reel it in is enough to get your heart racing!

If you prefer to keep your catch, check with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to find out when and where you can keep sturgeon. While sturgeon have no bones, they are all muscle and cartilage, and in my opinion, they may just be one of the best tasting fish the Columbia River has to offer.

Columbia River Walleye.

In May, the walleye in the Columbia River are very active. That makes it a great time to go after them. If you’re up for a challenge, you can even combine a walleye trip with a sturgeon trip.

Here’s a small list of restaurants I like. after a day of fishing the Columbia River Portland, Oregon.

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Sturgeon fishing Columbia River Portland, Oregon

This is a picture of a sturgeon jumping out of the water in the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon.

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