May 25th, 2023, walleye fishing Columbia River!

The last week, I’ve been walleye fishing on the Columbia River, let me tell you, walleye fishing is heating up.

I have been targeting walleye in Columbia River Gorge around Rufus, Oregon, in the John Day Dam area.

Although we had to cancel a few days because of the wind, on the days we were able to get out, fishing has been very productive.

I’ve been trolling a bottom walker and a worm harness, so I can cover lots of water and find where the walleye are hanging out.

With the Columbia River being high and fast right now, you are only able to troll downriver when searching for walleye.

The walleye we’ve been catching out of the Columbia River had been averaging 2 to 5 pounds. However, I do like to let the bigger ones go as generally they are females that help keep this fishery strong.


Walleye we caught recently on the Columbia River in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

In my opinion, Columbia River walleye make some of the best fish tacos around. Feel free to tell me one of your favorite recipes to eat walleye.

Read here for a few tips and recipes on preparing walleye.

Marvin’s Guide Service has a few days left open for Columbia River walleye fishing in June of 2023.

Around the middle of June, we’ll switch over to fishing monster sturgeon, which is also done on the Columbia River in the beautiful and breathtaking Columbia River Gorge. Feel free to call Marvin today and talk about walleye or sturgeon trips. He would be happy to hook you up.



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