The other day I had to take my boat to the shop because it was running bad. I took it to Cascade Marine.

While I was there. Cascade Marine showed me what was wrong with the boat. I saw how much water had accumulated in the gas tank. When the tech took off the screw on water fuel separator and dumped it into a clear container.

WOW it was mostly water.
When the tech took off the top of the carburetor and looked inside. Oh my a half inch of salt white power accumulation in the bottom and he showed me the plugged idle jets. No other shop has treated me this way.

I like this shop. They have gone and will go the extra mile as they know I am using the boat to make my living. And time off the water is bad. My boat was up and running in a hour or so..
Very happy with the service I got here.

cascade marine 503 255-8487
tell them Marvin’s Guide Service sent you.

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