Summer has arrived, signaling it’s time to secure a guide for walleye fishing on the Columbia River.

Embarking on a summer walleye fishing adventure with Marvin’s Guide Service is an exciting prospect, with trips soon commencing on the Columbia River, set against the stunning backdrop of the Columbia River Gorge. Marvin’s walleye fishing excursions are offered near the John Day Dam, located in the quaint town of Rufus, Oregon.

It’s possibly one of the best walleye fishing areas in the entire Pacific Northwest.

As the Columbia River warms, the walleye become more active, promising abundant action. While fishing for walleye, it’s common to catch various other species as well. Trolling a worm can lead to unexpected catches, as you never know what you might reel in.

Fishing often results in catching bass and perch, and occasionally even sturgeon, steelhead, and salmon. Therefore, walleye fishing is consistently thrilling.

Should you catch a salmon, sturgeon, or steelhead, you are required to release it since the Columbia River is currently closed to the retention of these species. Nevertheless, the experience remains enjoyable!

When fishing for walleye, barbed hooks are commonly used to ensure a successful catch. However, even if the Columbia River is open for salmon or steelhead fishing, these species must be released as they are part of barbless hook fisheries.

 Columbia River Walleye season

While walleye fishing is available throughout the year, Marvin’s walleye fishing excursions are offered for approximately five weeks annually. The optimal time for walleye fishing, with the most favorable conditions, typically occurs in the last few weeks of April and extends until the end of June.

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After walleye fishing, Marvin heads back to Portland, OR, and offers more salmon fishing trips on the lower Willamette River.

Be sure to talk to Marvin about his walleye and catch and release sturgeon combos in May. These fishing trips are some awesome, fun action-packed trips.

If you decide to fish for walleye with Marvin’s Guide Service, it’s highly recommend that you drive up from Portland the night before and get a hotel in the Dalles, Oregon. Our trips start early in the mornings for the best bites before the region’s famous winds pick up later in the day.



Man and woman with lots of walleye they caught fishing on the Columbia River with Marvin's Guide Service.

Clients are seated with their walleye catches from the Columbia River.

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