It looks like summer is finally here. That means it’s time to get a Columbia River walleye fishing guide.

Summer walleye fishing with Marvins’s Guide Service means trips are just around the corner on the Columbia River, in the breathtaking and beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Marvin offers his walleye fishing trips up near the John Day Dam in a little town called Rufus Oregon.

It’s possibility one of the best walleye fishing areas anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

With the Columbia River warming up, it will make the walleye very active, giving plenty of action. When we are walleye fishing, we generally catch a lot of other species. When you’re trolling a worm around, you never know what you might hook.

We often end up hooking bass and perch, and we’ve even hooked sturgeon, steelhead and salmon. So, walleye fishing is always exciting.

If you hook a salmon or sturgeon or steelhead, you must let it go, as the Columbia is closed to those species salmon and sturgeon. But it’s still fun!

When fishing walleye, we are using barbed hooks to make sure we land the most walleye. So even if the Columbia River were open for salmon or steelhead, you would still have to let it go because Salmon, sturgeon and steelhead are barbless fisheries.

Although walleye fishing is open year-round, Marvin offers walleye fishing for about 5 weeks out of the year. We find the best walleye fishing and most comfortable conditions come during the last couple weeks of April and the first end of June.

If you like fish tacos walleye, make some of the best fish tacos around.

After walleye fishing, Marvin heads back to Portland, OR, and offers more salmon fishing trips on the lower Willamette River.

Be sure to talk to Marvin about his walleye and catch and release sturgeon combos in May. These fishing trips are some awesome, fun action-packed trips.

If you decide to fish for walleye with Marvin’s Guide Service, it’s highly recommend that you drive up from Portland the night before and get a hotel in the Dalles, Oregon. Our trips start early in the mornings for the best bites before the region’s famous winds pick up later in the day.



Man and woman with lots of walleye they caught fishing on the Columbia River with Marvin's Guide Service.

Clients sitting with their walleye caught on the Columbia River.

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