Columbia River Sturgeon fishing, 3 of us left the Chinook Landing which is in Troutdale, Oregon at 6:15 am.
I headed up the Columbia River. What a nice morning on the river, no wind. I reached the Roster Rock area, and dropped my anchor. I looked around and wow, I was the only boat on the Columbia River.

It was not very long and we had our first bite, just a little 30 inch Sturgeon. Really did not matter anyways,you can not keep Sturgeon on Monday’s. Only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays.

We caught 4 or 5 more small ones, then all the sudden we had a big Sturgeon on the line. We played this Sturgeon for about 25 minutes or so when we finally got it to the boat. it was about 6 feet long 150 pounds or so.The day went on we caught some more small Sturgeon and some that would of been keeper fish if it had been a open day to keep Sturgeon.

Now the Funny part, Alicia one of my guest in the boat had a nice Sturgeon on, we get it to the boat and I would say this Sturgeon is about 48 inch Sturgeon, nice fish! So I reach down in the water grab the fish by the tail and take the hook out of the mouth, Alicia reaches over to hold the Sturgeon so she can have a picture of it before we let it go, just as she reached for it the fish kicked its tail slapping me in the face! I dropped the fish, it fell in the water. no picture for ALicia, but let me tell you I had a sore nose, that fish slaped me so hard. Guess it safe to say the Sturgeon won the battle that day!!

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