Sturgeon fishing in Oregon and Washington could be at thrill of a lifetime.

Oregon Sturgeon fishing will be done on the Columbia and Willamette River depending on weather and water conditions.

Are you up to the challenge of catching the largest freshwater fish North America has to offer? Yep, Columbia River Monster sturgeon!

Fishing for these Columbia River Monster Sturgeon will average upwards of 12′ long. This fishing is catch and release only.

What a thrill to have a 10′ plus sturgeon on the end of A-line and have it leap completely out of the water.

Get a photo of a monster Sturgeon

I target the Monster Sturgeon on the Columbia River in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in June and July.

However, we offer sturgeon fishing year around with the average Sturgeon being between 4 and 7 foot long.
Fishing is done on light tackle and is an amazing battle.

Fishing lite tackle for sturgeon is done right in the Portland ore area minutes from the Portland airport.

Most of the sturgeon fishing is catch and release only, however we get a few weeks a year where we’re able to keep a sturgeon.
ODFW will meet a few times a year to discuss when we can keep a Sturgeon.

Feel free to call me and I can discuss different options to put a great package of sturgeon fishing together for you.

Limits of Columbia River Sturgeon



Giant Columbia River sturgeon jumping

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