Here is how Marvin’s Guide Service rigs up for Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia river.

My rods are the ugly stick tiger rods, I use peen 320 gti for the reel with 80# test tuf line.

First thing I do is slide a slider up the main line, then I put 2 or 3 beads on, this just gives you a little space between you sinker and the swivel. Then I tie a barrel swivel to the main line, I like to use a 250# test swivel.

Then for my leader to the hook is 130# Dacron about 3 feet or so, Now depending on the bait I use, that will determine the size hook I use, If I am fishing with a big bait like a whole Shad then I use a size 10 hook, for smelt or squid I like a 5 or 6. all hooks have to be barbless.

Good luck and don’t forget to see us on are Sturgeon page.

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