Oregon, fishing, Columbia river, guideIf you looking to do some Sturgeon fishing this weekend, you should have some good luck.

With warmer water this week, Sturgeon fishing as been good for both keepers and shakers.

Sturgeon will bite just fine in muddy, River. one place to fish is the stretch of river near Willamette Park on up through Milwaukee. The lower Portland harbor and down into Multnomah Channel should also have some good Sturgeon fishing.

This time of year a successful sturgeon trip can often depend on what bait is offered, and location. you should carry multiple baits and be prepared to switch until finding one that the Sturgeon like that day.

Marvin’s Guide Service has been finding success using a variety including smelt, anchovies, squid, or sand shrimp

Use a lot of smelly jelly this time of year. Don’t stay in one spot move around and find the fish.

Good luck, see you on the River.
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