Sturgeon January 1rst 2022 fishing for keeper Sturgeon opens in the Bonneville pool. I will be Sturgeon fishing from the Hood River area.
its sounds like we will be on a Quota again this season with a 500 limit. You might ask how long Sturgeon season will stay open?
Weather plays a big role in the season, as we could face icy roads or high winds even both. Sometimes the wind can be 50 plus mph and be unsafe to fish.
Weather could possibility be like 2021 dang near perfect. let me be your Sturgeon Guide.


limit of Sturgeon Hood River Oregon

2021 was the first time in my 22 years of being a sturgeon fishing guide that we did not have snow and ice in the Columbia River Gorge in January.
I don’t believe we will have the same weather we had last season, but I’m no weatherman.

If you decide to fish in the Columbia River Gorge in January with a Sturgeon fishing guide you need to prepare for the cold.

I know I prepare for cold as my 29-foot boat is covered and heated for are comfort.

Rain gear and waterproof shoes are recommended.

When fishing Sturgeon in January in the Columbia River Gorge I strongly recommend coming up the afternoon before as roads are usually in good condition then.
Call me Marvin and I would be happy to recommend hotel for you.

I wish you all a safe and great season and I look forward to fishing Sturgeon, salmon, and walleye with each and every one-off you.

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