Here is what Oregon fish and game say about 2010 Spring Salmon on the Columbia river.

SALEM, Ore. — The technical committee advising Columbia River fishery managers has released its forecast for the 2010 spring Chinook run. If the fish show up as projected, the forecast of 470,000 spring Chinook would be the largest return to the Columbia since 1938.

The forecasted run is up significantly from last year’s final run of 169,300 fish.

One Place I like to fish for Spring Salmon on the Columbia River is between the I5 Bridge, And 205 Bridge.

There are a few ways to fish for Spring salmon, Like trolling hearing or spinners. I had my best luck trolling down river, I use about 6 oz sinker, I like to keep it right on the bottom.

I start my troll on the Washington side of the Columbia River and work my way down river.

One other way I like to fish for Spring Salmon is to anchor up, you have to have a good curruen to do this.

I will use jet diver and Quickfish.

This is great way to fish when it cold out because Marvin’s guide Service has a top and heater!

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