Sportsmen shows 2023, it’s going to be busy.

With the sportsmen shows starting for 2023 its time to star booking your salmon, sturgeon, and walleye. fishing trip.

Starting February 1rst I will be at the Washington sportsmen show at the Washington state fair grounds.

This show runs from the first threw the 8th.

I will be working in my good friend’s booth Coldwater strong. Not only is Ken owner of Cold Water strong my friend he is my sponsor.

Make sure you stop over at the booth and let me show you, his products.

I will also have my schedule and would be happy to set you up with a salmon, sturgeon, or walleye fishing trip.

February 15 -19th I will be at the Portland sportsmen show.

When I’m at the Portland show I will be helping in both Tica fishing and Coldwater strong booth.

Stop over at Tica and I’m happy to show some of the new fishing rods and reels Tica has to offer.

I will also have my schedule with me at the Portland show, and will be happy to schedule your salmon fishing, walleye fishing or sturgeon fishing trip.

With the forecast of salmon looking better than last year, I’m very excited!

I will start my salmon season middle of March on the Columbia River. We continue salmon fishing the Columbia River into early April, and then start salmon fishing the lower Willamette River.

I look forward to seeing everyone ether at the Washinton show or the Portland show.

Thank you to everyone that has fished with me in 2022 and I look forward to fishing with you all in 2023!



Happy woman with her spring salmon she caught on the Columbia River

Columbia River spring salmon




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