Shad fishing on the Columbia River has lots of action anglers of all ages are sure to have a greet time, catching shad.

Starting in middle of May the Columbia River will start seeing shad return, the counts over Bonneville dam can reach to 50 thousand or more each day.

Shad will average 1 to 5 pounds and are extremally fun to catch on light tackle.

Marvin’s Guide service like to fish for shad on the Columbia River in about 10 feet of water. Shad like fast moving water, so find around 10 to 15 feet of fast-moving water and drop your anchor. Always make sure you have a good Columbia River anchor and plenty of rope.

When fishing shad on the Columbia River you don’t need much tackle, Marvin like to use a dropper for his weight and a Dick night spoon for the lure.

It is very common to have 3 and 4 shad on at the same time, making this a verry exciting fishery. Shad fishing on the Columbia River is great for kids.

Shad make great Sturgeon bait for giant Sturgeon. If you book a Monster Sturgeon trip with Marvin’s Guide Service, you will see him put the whole 3-pound shad on the hook for Sturgeon bait.

We also like to use shad as crab bait. Marvin will generally have a freezer or 2 filled with shad that he will use for his crabbing tips he offers in November.

Be sure to call Marvin’s Guide Service and talk to him about booking a shad fishing, or Sturgeon fishing trip soon.

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Picture of a kid Columbia River shad fishing.

Shad fishing is great for kids.

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