Today 3/26/2022 I took a group of 4 adults and one 6-year-old kid salmon fishing on the Columbia River. We started the day meeting at 6:45 am at Jantzen Beach marina.

Jantzen Beach is located on the Columbia River around the I 5 bridge on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. We headed up the Columbia River about 4 to 5 miles, then turned the boat around, dropped our lines in the water, and trolled down the Columbia River. That was our first pass, unfortunately, no salmon took our bait. We headed back up the Columbia River, 4 miles or so, and did the same pass over Agin, with no salmon again.

I thought we better make a move, so we fired up the 225 outboard and started to run down the Columbia River about 8 miles or so.  Again, we started to troll down the Columbia River, Everyone was standing up and telling jokes and whatnot when, all of a sudden, I heard someone yell FISH FISH. I looked over, and the side rod was going nuts.

Yep, fish on, We battled the 12-pound Chinook salmon for about 10 minutes, and then it went into the net.

Columbia River Salmon

A child holding a spring salmon caught on the Columbia River next to fishing guide Marvin.

I tell you what there were high fives going on, every client on the boat had the biggest smile, That’s what being a fishing guide is all about: seeing the smile.




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