Fishing in the wintertime, you may be asking, what can we fish? In Portland, Oregon, fishing can and will be fun with lots of action. Portland, Oregon, fishing guide Marvin’s guide service will have you fishing in the comfort of a 27′ covered and heated boat!

In the wintertime, quite a few of our trips take place right in the heart of downtown Portland, on the Willamette River.

One of my most popular things to do in November, December is sturgeon fishing in the heart of Portland, Oregon, just Minutes from the Portland Airport.

Sturgeon fishing has plenty of action, with sturgeon ranging between 4 and 7′ long. However, sturgeon fishing is catch-and-release only. Fishing sturgeon in the Portland, Oregon, area is very common, with 15 to 20 fish days.
If you’re looking for an opportunity to keep sturgeon, we do get a short window in January in the Hood River Oregon area on the Columbia River.

Fishing for sturgeon on the Columbia River in January is weather-dependent. If you want to keep a sturgeon, you need to book your trip soon, as the window of opportunity is very short. For more information, call 503-314-5087.

The 2024 Columbia River sturgeon season is closed for catch and keep. However, sturgeon fishing is still open on the Columbia River seven days a week for catch and release. If you want to fish for sturgeon during the closed season, you will need to release any sturgeon you catch.

November crab, Astoria, Oregon.

November is a great time to go crabbing on the Oregon Coast. It’s just a short two-hour drive from Portland to the Astoria, Oregon, area. There, you can crab for Dungeness crab. Crabbing in November is awesome, with limits of 12 crabs coming very easily. Feel free to call me today and talk to me about winter fishing in the Portland area or let’s talk crab in the Astoria area. Read more about crab fishing trips here.

Portland fishing offers spring salmon, which generally starts right in the Portland area around March. So, it’s never too early to book your fishing trip. However, the weather can be unpredictable in the Pacific Northwest, so it’s important to be prepared for anything. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook for up-to-date fishing information in Portland, Oregon.

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A client holding a sturgeon They caught with Marvin's guide service fishing Portland Oregon.


A pot full of fresh crab caught in Astoria, Oregon.

A crab cage with fresh Dungeness crab caught on the lower Columbia River, near Astoria, Oregon

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