I was Sturgeon fishing on Friday on The Willamette River, which is catch and release for Sturgeon right now, when one of my lines became snagged on the bottom. Well if you ever have tried to break 80# TUF Line from a boat it is not very easy, and sometimes seems impossible. I took a wrap of line and put it around the reel so the drag would get locked down, and I started to pull straight up on it. This means it’s just me and the line and there’s no bend in the rod to break the rod or anything like that. Unfortunately the line broke at the tip of the fishing rod, instead of at a knot further down the line. I had just lost around 150 feet or so of line, snagged up at the bottom of the Willamette River.
About an hour later we get a bite on a different rod, set the hook and FISH ON! My client fought the fish for about 15 minutes when I see a problem – his hook is in a line. He somehow managed to hook a line straight through. No tangles. No bait. No fish. Just some fishing line. I reached down and grab the line and unhooked the line. As I start to pull all this line in from the river it starts pulling back. Fish On! We proceed to fight this fish by hand, just like ancient times. About another 15 min go by, we have some sore hands and we see a 6 foot Sturgeon on the line. We unhook the Sturgeon and let it swim away.As I was looking at the hook and swivel and beads on the line, I realize that is the line we broke off earlier in the day. It was nice to get all that line out of the River, and I was glad that a Sturgeon did not have to swim around with line and a 24oz sinker in its mouth.

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