Portland Oregon Fishing Guide Service Fish Oregon with top Portland Oregon fishing guide Marvin Henkel specializing in sturgeon fishing, salmon fishing, Walleye fishing, shad fishing,

Portland Oregon fishing guide Marvin Henkel is now fishing the Columbia River for Spring chinook salmon he will continue to salmon fish on the Columbia River intel April 7th, 2023, that is when the Columbia River will close. The Oregon and Washington departments of fish and game set the seasons.

After the Columbia River closes close for spring salmon. Then Marvin will change locations and start salmon fishing on the lower Willamette River right in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon.

Salmon fishing on the Willamette River will fish through June of 20/23. Forecast for return run of salmon is up from 2022 witch has me looking forward to a great salmon season in Portland Oregon.

You should also think about May where we start Columbia River Walleye fishing. We will be fishing one hour east of Portland Oregon for Walleye.

If you like fish tacos you will love walleye. Call me and ask me about my Walleye and Sturgeon combo days?

When you fish with Marvin Henkel of Marvin’s Guide Service you will be in the comfort of a 27-foot boat.

Call me today, I love talking about Salmon, sturgeon, and Walleye fishing with you in the Portland Oregan and surrounding areas.


Happy woman with her spring salmon she caught on the Columbia River.

Columbia River spring salmon


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