Here are my top 3 places for Spring Salmon on the Columbia river in the Portland Oregon area.

One of the first places I like to fish for Spring salmon is on the Columbia River, trolling between the 205 bridge and the I 5 Bridge. This area has become very popular the last few years. So if you plan on fishing here, you better get your boat in the river Early in the morning.

I also like to fish for Spring Salmon in the Troutdale area, I launch my boat at Chinook landing.
When I am fishing here I like to anchor. I use a spinner here.

My Favorite place to fish for Spring Salmon on the Columbia river is up by the Dam, everybody knows this area called the Shad rack. This area on the Columbia River gets very very busy, so you might have to Anchor you boat at night. Hopefully Oregon and Washington will keep the River open long enough to fish at the shad rack.

Don’t forget Oregon and Washington are saying this should be the best run of spring salmon on the Columbia River since 1938.

Call Marvin’s Guide Service for best dates dont for get to see my salmon page.

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