I got a phone call last week. Instantly I was intrigued. It wasn’t the normal guide trip.
I was asked if I would like to have them do the Comcast Sportsnet show “Adrenaline Hunter,” hosted by Bethy Rossos, on my boat. They wanted to fish for monster Sturgeon on the Columbia River and heard that I was the guide to do it! Of course I said, “yes that would be great!”

We set the date to hook up on September 29th. We meet up at The Fishery on the Columbia River at 6am, well before sunrise this time of year. After we talked for a bit, we headed down to the river. Man, let me tell you, we were really up for a challenge. The east wind was blowing around 30 mph making conditions tough – and most resident fishermen can tell you, east wind usually turns the bite off.

I had Bethy Rossos in my boat, a producer and one camera man. My friend Mark, who is also a guide, was helping out in his boat with the rest of the camera crew. His job was to follow us around and try to get the best shots for the camera guys. I take my hat off to Mark, he did a great job keeping his boat on the spot, especially with that wind. Thanks, Mark.

We got our first line out in the water, and, as I was getting the 2nd rod ready, BAM! The first rod is going off and we get a fish on! That line was not in the water two minutes! I know I should almost be used to it, that first-line-bite has been good to me this year. You will have to watch the show to see how big the Sturgeon was, but if you’ve been out with me recently, I’d bet you could make a good guess.

The day ended up with four big Sturgeon, so it was a great day of Sturgeon fishing, even with the east wind blowing very hard. I will tell you this, Bethy Rossos is one tough woman, and I was lucky to get to meet a person like her. I look forward to fishing with her again.

Be sure to watch the show to see all the great action, I will come back to this post and update when I know the date it will air

I want to give a big thank you to Comcast Sportsnet and Bethy Rossos for using Marvin’s Guide Service for “Adrenaline Hunter.”

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