I met up with Andy Carson at 3:45 am on Wednesday August 5Th 2009.

Even when I saw the van come into the parking lot, I still could not believe channel 12 fox was going fishing with me.

Andy’s cameraman Mike and I talked for a few minutes about where we would fish and how things would work.

Now Andy and I are talking about fishing and stuff. Then be for I knew it Andy says are you ready we are going to be live in 2 minutes?

Next thing I know there I am with Andy and were live and he is telling the world he is with a professional fishing guide Marvin.

We did the first 6 or 7 live shots from the bank of the Columbia River because it was too dark to go out in the river.

Finley, we get in the boat and now I am feeling good about the live shots.

Then it happened we are live and fishing then all the sudden we get a bite! I set the hook.
the Sturgeon was big I hand the pole to Andy he is trying to do the weather report and fight this 8-foot Sturgeon at the same time.

He gives me the pole back and I start to fight this sturgeon and we are still live on TV.
Andy is doing the weather and I see the Sturgeon is going to jump so I say watch Andy,
When this fish came out of the water, Andy could not believe it he was so happy.

Sorry to say the Sturgeon came off the hook.
We only got to fish in tell 9 am.

One thing I can say for sure that is a day fishing on the Columbia River I will never forget.

Some people say everybody has their time to shine in the spotlight, maybe just maybe that was my time.

I want to thank fox 12 and Andy Carson for everything.

Marvin Henkel

Marvin’s Guide Service


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