We were fishing on the Columbia river today up in the Columbia river Gorge.e_and_sam_oregon__2009_092
We started out fishing for steelhead, Fishing was kind of slow

We did catch a Steelhead but we had to let it go because it was a wild one.
We also lost one steelhead.

About 9 am we decided to go Sturgeon fishing.
so we headed down the Columbia river about 5 miles to horse tail falls.
The wind was blowing pretty hard so it was a rough ride down.
I got set up in 50 feet of water.

we got 6 or 7 small ones.
When all the sudden the 10 year old set the hook and said owe daddy this is a big one!

Well the ten year old battled it for about 15 minutes or so.
Then mom took over.
Mom is tough She puled on the pole she did not give this Big Sturgeon any slack
The battle was on for about 20 min or so when she had to give the rod up.

Now Mike has the pole and he is battling out with this fish.
We get the sturgeon right up to the boat 3 or 4 times
before we Finley can take the hook out of this big 9 foot 400 pound fish.
it was about a hour fight.
all 3 people on my boat were tired.
I will have some picture on this post soon so please check back to see.

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