Here are a few ways to fish for Walleye in Oregon on the Columbia River, and in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

I personally like to use a 9-foot rod with 20-pound braid line. My leaders for my spinners and my jig are usually 15-pound floral carbon.

One way is with a bottom walker and a worm harness. Troll down river very slow. Remember the saying, “if you are not hanging up you are not fishing for Walleye.” I like to fish in 8 to 20 feet of water with a rocky bottom.

When you hook a walleye, don’t be afraid to circle back and troll over that same spot again, there’s usually more than one walleye hanging around.

one of the easiest ways to fish for Walleye is to troll plugs down river, you can cover lots of water this way. Trolling plugs is always a fast way to find where the walleye is hanging out. Once you find the school of walleye, I like to either jig for them or I will start trolling my bottom walkers with the worm harness.

I personally like to use my GPS when I catch a walleye. I will mark the spot, then I have all these waypoints I can troll from one to the other.

One of my favorite places to fish walleye is Rufus, OR in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. You can learn more about my Walleye fishing trips by clicking here.




father and son with Walley caught on the Columbia River.


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