Here are a few ways to fish for Walleye on the Columbia River in Portland Oregon.

One way is with a bottom walker and a worm harness. Troll down river very slow. Remember the saying, “if you are not hanging up you are not fishing for Walleye.” I like to fish in 8 to 20 feet of water with a rocky bottom.

I think the easiest way to fish for Walleye is to troll plugs down river, you can cover lots of water this way. The days I troll plugs I have caught Walleye, Salmon, steelhead, and Bass, that makes for a exciting day on the river.

There are many other ways to fish Walleye on the Columbia River this is just a few.

Some people say the next world record walleye will come out of the lower Columbia river, I think so too.
call Marvin’s Guide Service today, who knows maybe, just maybe the next record Walleye could be yours.

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