We did a post on how to anchor safely, on the Columbia river and Willamette River a few days ago.

I had a few emails about how to pull your anchor up safely.

I hope this will answer all of your Questions.

Fist of all you should put on a life jacket. I always have a knife at the stern of the boat and one in the bow of the boat.

The first thing I do is turn my steering wheel all the way to one direction, Wait a few seconds and let the boat swing that way, Then I start going forward not real fast, make sure you swing around your buoy and keep it away from the prop.

Keep going and as the buoy gets farther behind the boat, keep an eye on the rope. Keep it away from your prop.
When you see the anchor is up next to the buoy, turn the boat toward the buoy and take the boat out of gear, now as you drift back you can pull the rope in.

Remember, this is how Marvin’s guide service pulls his anchor, there are other ways but this is what works best for us.
Good luck out there and be safe.

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