Let’s talk about sturgeon spots on the Columbia River.

One of my favorite spots for sturgeon fishing is fishing upriver by the Bonneville dam.

Sturgeon fishing  at the deadline. just below the locks is very productive.

The Columbia River is fast here, and if you have the guts for the heavy water, you will find plenty of sturgeon here, Beware of barge traffic. Remember, barge traffic always has the right way.

Now a few miles down the Columbia River to marker 85, which is known as the deadline in the summer,. The water is still fast, but slower than the deadline.

I like to sturgeon fish just on the edge of the fishing channel on the Oregon side.

Usually, I like to fish with sand shrimp or smelt. There seem to be plenty of fish here, both small and monster sturgeons.

Now let’s head down the Columbia 20 miles or so in Troutdale. There are some good holes right near the power lines near the sandy river.

These are great to fish in the morning, but it gets a little tuff in the afternoon on a hot day because of lots of boat traffic.

So, get your sturgeon early and get out! From Troutdale to Bonneville, there is lots of room to fish sturgeon.

Don’t be afraid to move around and find new spots.

Have fun and good luck!!

You can always call Marvins Guide Service and he will be happy to hook you up.

Marvin fishes from a 29-foot covered and heated boat for your comfort.



Sturgeon caught on the Columbia River


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