March 19-10 Good Day Oregon said they wanted to fish with me again!! I thought I was lucky to have them fish and do the show on my boat one time, now they wanted to do it again, SWEET!!!!

My boat is moored on the Columbia River, but we had decided to fish on the Willamette River.
I had to meet Good Day Oregon at 4 am. I headed down the Columbia River at 2:30 am. I got to the St Johns Boat ramp at 3:30 a.m.
Around 4 am the Good Day Oregon van showed up. We began setting up were the first live shots would be.
The First shots were to be filmed on my boat, tied to the dock.

Then around 7 am we headed out to the Willamette River and Start Sturgeon Fishing.
I got the rods in the water, and man the fish were there! Every time we went live we hooked a fish!
Andy caught fish, his son caught fish, Mike the photographers son caught fish! All on live tv!!
Well, I must say, it was a great day to have Good Day Oregon fishing on my boat!
I want to give Andy Carson a special thanks for doing the show on my boat. These 2 fishing trips with Good Day Oregon will certainly be a life long memory for me!

Should have some short video of the show up soon!
Thank you again Fox 12.
Marvin Henkel

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