Sturgeon fishing on the Willamette river and Multnomah Channel over the weekend was fair to good.
There were plenty of small sturgeon caught this weekend, with a few keeper size sturgeon.

Squid was the bait they were biting. I did here of some fish caught on fresh smelt!
I was fishing on the Channel were it meets the Columbia river. One thing I saw which I did not like at all, was the abundance of sea lions.

Now a little story that happened to us on the Chanel while we were Sturgeon fishing, we had a little Sturgeon on, and all of the sudden the fish got big and I mean big, then it came off the hook, well that’s what we thought anyway. When we landed the Sturgeon, the tail of the fish was just hanging there, so you know what that meant, a Sea lion hit the fish.

Not cool!! When is Oregon and Washington going to do something about the sea lions in the river? They are called sea lions, Not river Lions!!

I look foward to the Sturgeon fishing getting beter every weekend.

Don’t forget ,they are saying we are going to have a great Spring Salmon season on the Columbia river this year. So call now and book your Trip!!

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