Fishing report for February 20 2013.

Let’s talk about Spring salmon.
First there has been already a fair number of Chinook Salmon caught on the Willamette River and a few the Columbia River. I, myself, am kind of excited to start Salmon fishing. It’s one of my favorite things and Springers are some of the best eating salmon.

The bad news is there is a lot of sea lions around. In fact, last Friday I watched 3 Spring salmon eaten by sea lions, I also watched a sea lions eat a 6 foot or better Sturgeon.

The Willamette River is in great condition right now has great visibility, and same with the Columbia River. This should hold for another week or so, but as temperatures go up, the rivers can get muddy and cold, making things a bit more difficult.

Now, this time of year I would defiantly troll for salmon. Trolling is like hunting, you can cover lots of ground. Right now I’m going to fish the lower Willamette River and troll with a flasher and herring, I will set all my lines at different depths from about 15 feet up to 30 feet on the line counters until I find what depth the salmon are swimming around. Once we have a good idea of depth, I target all the rods at same area and try to fill the boat with fresh spring chinook salmon.

Spring salmon fishing will only improve in the next few weeks. I want to remind everybody starting in 2013 that you must use barbless hooks for salmon.

Sturgeon fishing

Willamette River Sturgeon is catch and release only there is plenty of sturgeon on the Willamette River if you are just looking for lots of action.

I have been seeing a few nice keeper sized Sturgeon around the Kelly Point Park area and, as the Columbia River continue to warm up, the Sturgeon fishing around the Mouth of the Willamette River will improve.

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