A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having More Good Day Oregon follow me out on a crabbing trip. I was very excited to have a Tv crew follow me around on a crabbing trip.

In case you don’t know what More Good Day Oregon is, it’s a show that follows right after Good Day Oregon on Fox Channel 12.

Good Day Oregon Also, More are on fox tv. Marvin’s Guide service has been futured on 10 different occasion’s in the last 10 years.

I got a couple clients together: Leanna Nicholson from Hammond Oregon, and Dan Barnes from Vancouver, Washington.

I decided to do this crabbing trip on the lower Columbia River, So we were set to meet up at 7:30 a.m. at the Hammond Marina in Hammond, Oregon.

Photographer Tim Jensen filmed as we baited crab pots, and headed down the Columbia river to an area we call social security beach. I set the GPS to mark where We dropped our 5 crab pots.

After we dropped our crab pots, we decided to go to breakfast.
We came back approximately 2 hours later to Get our crab pots. While Tim was filming, Dan and leanna were pulling pots, and I was navigating the boat with the GPS to the crab pots.

When we pulled our crab pots, we had easy limits In a very short time. the day was complete.
We headed back up the Columbia River to the Hammond Marina and went into Sturgeon Paul’s, where we had the crab cooked and cleaned.

It was a great experience to have the TV camera follow you around on a crabbing trip.
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Limits of Dungeness crab.

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