Columbia River Monster Sturgeon

10 foot Sturgeon on the Columbia River

May is here are there is a lot to fish for on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. We have shad, salmon and, of course, monster sturgeon.

With the Columbia and Willamette River getting huge runs of shad, you can get a ton of excitement and entertainment for both adults and children. Shad average 2 to 5 pounds and, while small they may be on the smaller side, some people refer to them as the poor man steelhead because of the awesome fight they put up, especially on light tackle!

Shad run up the Willamette and Columbia Rivers in huge schools and it is not unheard of to catch dozens of fish in just a few hours.

Shad is one of my favorite baits for monster sturgeon. Yes, we use the whole shad for bait. When I’m talking monster sturgeon, I’m talking about fish 7 to 12 feet long, upwards of 300-500 pounds or even bigger. All of that on a 3 pound bait.

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