It’s Wintertime, and Catch and release Sturgeon on Willamette River has been awesome Catch and release Sturgeon fishing is in the Portland Oregon area.

If looking for something to keep and put in your freezer and you’re not afraid of the cold, Then let’s head up the Columbia River Gorge. We can keep Sturgeon up there as long as there between 38″ and 54 inches.

My boat is covered and heated to help take the chill off and make the day as comfortable as possible.

If you decide to fish with me in the Hood River area and you would like to come up the night before I can recommend a hotel for you.
have breakfast walk right out the back door and I will pick you up on their dock.

March and April are just around the corner, Spring salmon, and walleye.

Call today to book the best dates.

Columbia River sturgeon


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