Today i had 4 people on the Columbia river sturgeon fishing.3 Of these people drove all the way from Utah,The other man came from Estacada.

We met at the Columbia river boat ramp at 6:30 am. We headed down the columbia up into the Willamette river.

It was a nice morning and instantely We caught 20 inch Sturgeon. Even though it was small  the people from Utah had a blast. It Was the biggest fish they have ever caught.

We hooked 3 or 4 more all about 35 inches.Then the wind started blowing up the willamette river and the bite went off.

So we searched all over the river looking for Sturgeon.As the day went on the wind on the river got worst.

So at about 2:30 we decided to call it a day.But the group was smiling and lauging saying it was the best time we had on the river And saying it was the best time on the river.

I want to thank these 4 for the great time on the river. You couldnt ask for a better group. I look foward to fishing with them again.

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