Columbia River Sturgeon fishing update June 2023.

Are you ready to catch a Columbia River Monster Sturgeon? That’s right a Columbia River Monster.

June is one of the best time the time to start fishing these Monster Sturgeon. I will fish for Monster Sturgeon into September, along with Salmon, steelhead and shad.

. I have started fishing the Monster Sturgeon on the Columbia River just a few miles below the I-5 Bridge on the Columbia River. I will work my way up the river as sturgeon work their way up the Columbia River towards Bonneville Dam.

Shad is the best bait this time of year for a Monster Sturgeon we like to use whole shad!  yep, a 3-pound fish, for your bait.

Shad will start coming up the Columbia and Willamette Rivers around mid-May and usually peek out mid-June. I like to go shad fishing first thing in the morning, that way I have the freshest bait possible but, if fresh shad isn’t possible, frozen shad also works.

Sturgeon fishing is strictly catch and release, but what a feeling to catch the largest freshwater fish in North America.

Just would like to give you all one reminder, the Columbia River is fast this time of year so be extra careful when you are setting your anchor.

Marvin’s Guide Service has some dates open in June.

you can read more about Columbia River Sturgeon here.


Columbia River Monster Sturgeon

Person in the water with a Columbia River Monster Sturgeon.

Columbia River Sturgeon                                                                                     

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