In May and June, over a million shads come up the Columbia River. These shad are fun to catch on light tackle, I like to call them pour-man steelhead.

Pound for pound, they are one of the best biting fish the Columbia River can offer.

Shad fishing is a great time for kids because there is a lot of action, Although I don’t care to eat shad, I  like to fill my freezer with them for sturgeon and crab bait.

To fish for the shad, you fish in about 10–15 feet of fast moving water.I like to use a little tiny spinner for these shad. It is amazing that we can put a 5-pound shad on hold to use for sturegon bait.

I use a 10 ott hook right through the middle of the shad’s head when fishing for Sturgeon.

So if you are looking for excitement on the Columbia River, May and June are the times to do so.

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