Yesterday was a foggy morning on the Columbia River, and we went out with a man and his two sons from Clackamas Oregon. to do some s fishing on the Columbia River near the Portland airport. Glad I have a good GPS and I also have radar on my boat.

We started off about 7am, and fished until about 12:30  normally we fish longer ,but the the kids got too restless.

We agreed to do a half day of salmon fishing.

To start the morning, some guy cut across our stern, tangling all four of our lines. When we reeled in, we had one of his flashers, and he actually had the nerve to motor up and ask if he could have it back, I did not mind giving it back but  with no apology, I thought it was rude.

The fish were biting a bit, but the only fish we reeled in were wild, so we had to let them go. Still had a good time though, although the guy and his kids decided to wait to come again until June, for Sturgeon and Shad fishing, so they could get more action.


fishing on Columbia river  has lots of different opportunities to fish Salmon, sturgeon, and walleye.


morning of fishing, preparing boat at the Hammond Oregon marina.

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