I have been doing my homework and found out the 2010 Rules on Sturgeon fishing in Oregon and Washington.

Remember the fish and wildlife can change rules at any time, so before you go out check and see the current rules for the area you will be fishing.

Here is what I found out

Below the Wauna Powerlines at River Mile 40 to Buoy 10 witch is at the mouth of the Columbia, including Young’s Bay and Washington tributaries, fishing will open seven days a week for sturgeon.

Sturgeon have to be between 38 inch and 54 inch. That is fork in tail to tip of nose.

Above Wauna to Bonneville Dam, and the Willamette River up to Willamette Falls, including Multnomah Channel, Sturgeon fishing is open Thursdays, threw Saturday, with the size limit also between 38 and 54 inch.

The Columbia River above Bonneville will also opens Jan. 1 for sturgeon fishing seven days a week with a 38- to 54-inch slot limit in the Bonneville Pool, and a 43- to 54-inch slot limit in the John Day Pool.

I expect Sturgeon fishing to be great at the first of year.
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