COVID19 Statement

What should change?

To all clients and future clients of Marvin’s guide service,

Safety of all my clients on my vessel is priority. Over the past few weeks the Corona virus have changed all of our lives drastically. Corona virus has  Completely shut down guided fishing trips for now. We are hoping to be back mid April, but it will be up to Oregon’s governor.

When we start our guided trips again I will be taking extra steps to protect each and  every person on my boat. Everyday highly touched areas seat’s armrest rods and reels will be washed down ans disinfected. Multiple times during the day you will see me disinfect high touched areas on the boat. I’ve always had an sanitizer in the front of my boat.we will have hand sanitizer in the front  and back for your convenience. Seats on my boats are individual seats. They will be slid far apart to insure everybody has their own personal space.

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