I arrived at the boat ramp at 3am. Waiting for my customers to arrive at 6:30 am, They arrived exactly as planned. We left the boat ramp and started to head upstream.

Went approximently 2 miles and stared trolling down towards the I5 bridge.Our lines where in the water about 5 minutes and we got hooked up! It was a 15lb Native salmon.

We trolled down to the I5 bridge and we reeled our lines up.Then we headed back upstream to do the troll all over again.This time trolling down we had nothing not even a bite.

Then we did the troll all over again.This time with some success. We reeled in 2 keeper Salmon. 12 and 16lb’er. The father and son were very thrilled.We fished till about 2:30 pm and we caught another fish but it was a native salmon.

But it was still a very good day for fishing.Im sure i will see this father and son on future trips!!




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