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Salmon And Crab Fishing Tillamook Bay Oregon

Fall is here, so time for fishing and crab fishing in Tillamook Bay. Tillamook Bay is on the Oregon coast about 2 hours from Portland, Oregon.

King Salmon in Tillamook Bay can get up to 50 pounds with the average salmon being about 25 pounds.

When you fish at Tillamook Bay with Marvin’s Guide Service you get to fish and we will also drop the crab pots in the water for you. Tillamok Bay is known for its great crab fishing. Don’t worry about cooking or cleaning the crab Marvin’s Guide Service will do that for you as well and prepare your salmon for your trip home.

We troll for the King salmon with Herring, I like to troll close to the bottom so I use anywhere from 6 to 16 Oz of lead to keep my bait down in the water.

Marvin’s Boat is covered and heated so don’t be afraid of the rain.

Call Marvin now to get in the action at Tillamook Bay!





  1. We are planning to come the weekend before thanksgiving, Is this a good time for Salmon and crab fishing? We have 4 teenagers that we would like to take, do you have a boat that accomodate us? How much do you charge for the whole day? We really would like to catch salmon and is there a limit per person?

    • Hey Kurt,
      November is a great time to Sturgeon fish. My boat is 23 foot and it would handle your group just fine.
      My boat is coverd and heated to ad to the comfort of fishing. we would be fishing in the Portland Oregon area.
      call me any time and we can talk

  2. We will be touring the Oregon Universities on Tuesday the 28th,2011, do you have any openings on Monday the 27th, 2011 for three?

    • Yes we do pleas call 503-314-5087
      Thanks Marvin