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Deep Sea Fishing Astoria Oregon

by on Feb.24, 2014, under Astoria Oregon

If you’re looking to fill up the freezer, or if you just want to get spoiled with some hot fishing action, then you need to do some fishing on the Oregon Coast. Venturing out onto the Pacific Ocean brings a peaceful seclusion from hoards of anglers often found on Oregon’s Rivers, and, oftentimes, non-stop fishing action. Oregon’s coastline is home to a variety of fish, but we’re mostly fond of Rockfish and Lingcod. These fish like to cling around deep reefs and rocky outcroppings which provide shelter and an abundance of food. Rockfish and Lingcod are also some of the best tablefare in the Pacific Ocean. Baked, fried, poached, it’s hard to go wrong with these fish. Fishing for Rockfish and Lingcod is a fairly simple affair. If you have done much bass or perch fishing on lakes and ponds, a lot of what we use will look familiar, just on a much larger scale. These fish are aggressive feeders, so bait is generally not necessary. They do live down in some deep water, so heavy jigs are sent down to the ocean floor to entice the toothy Lingcod. Rockfish are attracted to small shrimp flies, which we tie onto the same leader as the Lingcod jig. It is not uncommon to catch two and even three fish at the same time. While out on the ocean, there is a lot of sightseeing to do as well. You can see the coastline of Oregon from the Ocean to get a whole new look at steep cliffs and rock formations. It is uncommon to see whales migrating and dolphins might even swim by for an appearance. We are excited to start offering guided trips for Rockfish, Lingcod and even Halibut this year. Give us a call now to book your trip for some awesome fishing along the Oregon Coast.

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Keeper Sturgeon fishing Columbia River 2014

by on Dec.09, 2013, under Columbia River, Sturgeon

Starting January 1, 2014 we will have a short season to keep Sturgeon on the Columbia River above Bonneville Dam. When I say short, I mean short. If we are lucky we will have 24 days. 2014 keeper Sturgeon fishing season for the Bonneville pool should be January 1 through January 24th or until the quota is met. Be sure to check daily for any emergency closures. Call Marvin’s Guide Service today to book your trip and don’t worry about the cold! We have a top and a heater to keep you nice and warm while fishing from our new 2014 23’ Alumaweld Intruder. Remember this will be more than likely the only time in 2014 to keep a Sturgeon. We will continue to operate catch and release trips the rest of the year.

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Portland Oregon Sturgeon fishing 2013

by on Dec.01, 2013, under Columbia River, Sturgeon

With November marking the end of salmon season for Marvin’s Guide Service, we have switched gears and hitting up the Willamette River and hooking up on some excellent catch and release Sturgeon Fishing. Sturgeon fishing in the Portland area has been great so far with Sturgeon four to 11 feet long taking our bait. We have been fishing a few of our favorite Sturgeon spots and finding good fishing where ever we go. Catch and release Sturgeon fishing should stay like this throughout the winter and continue to get better as spring gets closer. The bites might get a bit softer, but the Sturgeon will still be here. Winter is a great time to catch big quality fish on lighter gear than we would use in the summer months. Sturgeon fishing in the winter is much better than going to the gym and we’re pretty sure it’s a better workout too.

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Andy and a King Salmon

by on Nov.06, 2013, under Columbia River, Salmon

Here is a quick video of Andy Carson from Good Day Oregon fishing with me. See him catch a 17 pound King salmon on the Columbia River.

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Oregon Dungeness crab Trips

by on Sep.15, 2013, under Astoria Oregon, Columbia River

Crab in November! You heard me correctly – catch a dozen fat, delicious, fresh Oregon Dungeoness crabs right outside of beautiful Astoria.

Best of all when you book your crabbing adventure with Marvin’s Guide Service, your catch will be carefully cleaned and boiled for you while you enjoy a meal at Hammond’s famous South Jetty Bar and Restaurant compliments of Marvin’s Guide Service $15.00 credit each.

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Columbia River salmon fishing

by on Sep.05, 2013, under Columbia River

Columbia River salmon fishing from Buoy number 10 up to the Astoria–Megler Bridge was on on fire this season, with limits of chinook being brought out of the Columbia River Daily! We are starting to see some Coho Salmon and I only expect the fishing to get better within the week to come! Fishing for salmon will continue to be good along the Columbia River all the way up to Bonneville dam through September where I will be fishing on the Columbia River for salmon right by the Portland Airport. The other side of the river of course is Vancouver, Washington. From there I will move up the Columbia River 25 miles just below Bonneville dam to continue catching salmon on the Columbia River. So there is still time for you to catch a king salmon on the Columbia River. This is going to be a great time to fill your freezer with some fresh salmon don’t miss out.

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Columbia River Salmon And shad

by on May.22, 2013, under Columbia River, Salmon

Columbia River salmon fishing will open up Saturday May 25 2013 and should stay open through June.

This is a great time to do salmon, sturgeon and shad fishing all on the same day. We fish for shad and salmon in the exact same location so this makes it very easy to target both at the same time.

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Astoria Oregon fishing guide 2013

by on May.16, 2013, under Astoria Oregon, Columbia River, Salmon

August is just around the corner; what does that mean, you ask? Salmon fishing! Fall Kings to be exact! Yes, it will be some of Oregon and Washington’s best salmon fishing on the Columbia River. We will be fishing King Salmon from Astoria, Oregon, west to the famous Buoy 10—the end of the Columbia. It is very common to get limits of salmon in August with the average salmon being 25 pounds or bigger.
Also the Columbia River gets a large run of Coho salmon, also known as Sliver salmon, running at the same time as the King Salmon. This makes for a river full of salmon and sometimes you’ll never know what you have at the end of the line.
We fish the lower Columbia River by trolling bait, usually herring, behind the boat. We point the boat with the current and let the bait out, where it spins to entice fish. We’ll be trolling with the current, so we have to move pretty quickly for the bait to move correctly. The nice part about this, though, is that the fish will be moving the other way. When they bite, you’ll know it! The rod will double over into the water and line will be screaming off the reel!
Right across from the boat ramp is Sturgeon Paul’s. Here you can have your fresh salmon vacuum packed and readied for the freezer.
If you are thinking about fishing in August at Astoria’s Buoy 10 area, book now before it is too late, this is a very popular fishery, and days fill up fast.

Buoy 10 King Salmon fishing

Buoy 10 King Salmon fishing

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June Salmon Columbia River

by on May.03, 2013, under Columbia River, Salmon

Washington and Oregon fish and wildlife have announced a 15-day fishing season for summer Chinook Salmon and sockeye salmon in the lower Columbia River in June. This is going to be some great fishing.

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