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2021 Fishing Guide Licence

  • FULL DAY $185 per person November to February.
  • FULL DAY $200 per person March to October.

Two person minimum on full day trips.

  • All fishing trips include boat, guide, bait, tackle, and a covered heated boat.
  • For winter crab trips, book here

Pick up the phone and call me, or fill this out and I’ll get right back to you.

Please call BEFORE making a deposit below

Cancellation policy:

  • If Marvin’s Guide Service Cancels you will get your full refund.
  • If we can’t go out because of unsafe conditions, and you cannot reschedule within one year, you will get a full refund.
  • If you cancel within 2 weeks of your fishing date, you may reschedule or get a full refund.
  • Cancellation with less than 2 weeks notice does result in a forfeit of the entire deposit, unless we are able to fill your spot with another reservation.

To Pay Your Deposit Use this Form:

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  1. Looking to visiting portland in about 2 week would like to go fishing any idea what we would be fishing for

    • We could definitely hook you up with some King Salmon. Please feel free to call me or text message me

  2. Hello, in Portland 20,21,22 Oct & want to go fishing with my son. Any availability? What’s running? Salmon, Crab? Both?

    • Feel free to call me tomorrow and I’d be happy to discuss things with you. Thank you very much

  3. Wanting to fish for steelhead with my two son’s early March?

    • I’m not doing steelhead in early March. However we have walleye and sturgeon.

  4. Looking to come up and do some Salmon/Steel-head Fishing Late April to Early May. My sister in law for sure will be with me and possibly my son currently attending Oregon State. What dates are available, and if you are booked up at that time is there another guide that you would recommend.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ed Evans

    • Sure we could hook you up. Are you looking to do weekdays or weekends? Feel free to call me if you’d like. 503 – 314 – 5087

  5. Hello! I would love to take my husband salmon fishing for his birthday. We love fishing for Striped Bass throughout the year in California but we have been wanting to fish for something different and a road trip to Oregon is what i was planning on. We would be driving down Friday, June 23. We have never been to Oregon and would love some feedback on doing this excursion! Thank you for your time.

    • Would be happy to hook you up. Please call me at your earliest convenience and we can talk about salmon sturgeon Steelhead and walleye

  6. My son and are coming to Portland the first weekend in August. What would be our best bet for a fishing trip about that time?

  7. Are you doing any sturgeon fishing? If so we would like to go on August 22, 2017

  8. We will be in area June 5-8 2018, will halibut season be open. What is price for 2 adults to join a trip?

    • Rates for halibut fishing are 225 each.

  9. My friend and I will be staying on the north coast the last week in June! What seasons are open? I see you fish the pacific as well for halibut; that sounds interesting. But how is the catching?

    • Hi Jack,
      In June we have lots of good fishing going on. Rockfish,
      Halibut, Salmon, Sturgeon. Give me a call and I would be happy to get you hooked up.

  10. I am thinking of fishing for steelhead. just talked to my daughter and she will be in town July 16 to aug 21 2018. she would love to go on this trip. Now I have a plane and would like to know the best time and were would we meet so I can book the room close yo the location. sorry for taking up ur time. Thank u.

    • No problem at all answering your questions.
      There is summer steelhead in the Portland area in July. I usually leave for the Oregon coast Astoria area around the 15 of July and start fishing salmon. much better fishing then the steelhead in the Portland area. I would be more than happy to get you hooked up with some king and coho salmon in Astoria area if you would like. I am there most of July all of August and part of September. Feel free to call E mail or text

  11. Good morning. I’m thinking of taking my grandson fishing in the Portland or Astoria area for a full day either July 2nd or 3rd. Maximize his chances of catching something, where would you fish and for what species? From my reading it appears Chinook, maybe coho salmon or steelhead are options. I can either fly fish or fish with bait or lures and he would need to bait or lure fish. How many people are in the boat on a full day trip? Thank you

    • Hi there,
      Early part of July I will be fishing in the Portland area, or just East of Portland. We could be either fishing for salmon, or giant sturgeon. Salmon I’m usually trolling. The giant sturgeon we are anchor fish. Giant sturgeon is catche release but fish up to 10′ long. The salmon however you could keep. Feel free to call email or text and I’d be happy to answer all your questions and get a date set for you.

  12. My husband and I are coming to Portland May 2019 and are interested in fishing May 17 or 18, 2019. Is salmon available at that time?

    • yes great time of year for ssalmon in the Portland oregon area.

  13. Hello Marvin, I am looking into coming out around September to take my son sturgeon fishing. This will be our first time sturgeon fishing. Is September a good time? Were hoping to catch a couple really big ones.

    • that is a great time of year. Sturgeon is catch and release only lots of action but have to let them go.

  14. I would like to come next August (2019) to fish for sturgeon. There will be 3 of us.
    Is August a good time for sturgeon fishing?
    Could you also recommend lodging in your area?
    D Voyles
    Cedar Key Florida

  15. Looking at being in Portland May 20-24 was looking at hopefully fishing, what type of fish are hitting at that time? How many people on a boat? I was looking at taking my brother in-law he lives in Portland.

    • We have salmon, walleye sturgeon.
      Please feel free to call E mail or text I would be happy to answer all of your questions and get you hooked up

  16. Last week four of us went fishing for sturgeon with you as our guide. I would just like to say what a great time we had with you. As a guide you were professional and respectful of us all. You were a lot of fun to talk to and very helpful. I’d go again in a heartbeat. Oh ya…we caught 18 sturgeon that day as well!

    • Thank you so much. It was a pleasure fishing with you and your group I look forward to more trips.

  17. Good morning,

    How many people are on your charter at a time? Also, is it possible to purchase a day lic from you as I am not an Oregon resident or should i just go to the fish and game site for your state?

    Thanks a ton!

    • My boat will fish up to 6 people.  We do have rates if you want a boat privately to yourself..

       It’s a 2 person minimum to  make a trip. However if you are by yourself there are lots of times I have 2 or 3 people where I could join you to a group…

      Feel free to call E mail or text with  questions and I would be happy to set a date for your.

  18. any salmon fishing during march?

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