There are lot’s of places to fish for Chinook salmon on the Willamette River.
I will just talk about a few for now.The First spot I like to Salmon fish is were the Channel comes into the Willamette River. I troll in this area of the River. The water is around 15 to 20 feet deep, I like to bounce the bottom when I fish this area.

The next place on the Willamette river I like to fish for salmon is up the river a few miles to downtown Portland Oregon, the water is 60 feet deep or so in this area, so what I do here is put on a 10 or 12 oz sinker and then let my line out around 30 feet, I try different depth until I find were the fish are.

I always like to troll with hearing on the Willamette River, when I fish the Oregon city area is when I go to hardware fishing.

Get ready for a super great run of Chinook salmon this year,




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