There are a lot of fishing guides in Oregon. There are several who claim to be guides, however,they are not registered with the Marine board, just a word of caution. Know who your guides are!

Before you book your next fishing trip make sure your guide is registered, and they have met all the necessary state registration requirements.

If a person takes money for a fishing trip they must be registered ! Thats the law!
In addition, they must have first aid training, and insurance coverage.
All guides must display decals on there boat stating how many passengers they are insured to carry. Theses Stickers are only given out by the Marine board to those meeting all of the above requirements.
Don’t be afraid to ask your guide to see their registration card.

The Oregon State police have a hotline if you expect illegal guide activity 1 800 452 7888

Marvin Henkel, of “Marvin’s Guide Service” has met all state requirements, there for is licensed to guide in the state of Oregon.

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