With November marking the end of salmon season for Marvin’s Guide Service, we have switched gears and hitting up the Willamette River and hooking up on some excellent catch and release Sturgeon Fishing. Sturgeon fishing in the Portland area has been great so far with Sturgeon four to 11 feet long taking our bait. We have been fishing a few of our favorite Sturgeon spots and finding good fishing where ever we go. Catch and release Sturgeon fishing should stay like this throughout the winter and continue to get better as spring gets closer. The bites might get a bit softer, but the Sturgeon will still be here. Winter is a great time to catch big quality fish on lighter gear than we would use in the summer months. Sturgeon fishing in the winter is much better than going to the gym and we’re pretty sure it’s a better workout too.

Sturgeon is mostly all catch and release, but there will be a very small window in January to fish about Bonneville Dam for some keepers to help fill the freezer. There is also the potential for another Sturgeon weekend in February. These are both short weekend-long seasons, at best. We are still waiting for the official information from Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife offices for the rest 2014 season. Keep an eye on the blog or the Marvin’s Guide Service Facebook page to get the information as soon as we have it. These will be the only opportunities of 2014 to keep a sturgeon, and I expect seats to fill fast. Fishing for keeper sturgeon will likely be in Cascade Locks or Hood River, Oregon, depending on weather.

All winter long, fishing with Marvin’s Guide Service is a comfortable affair. Relax in the heated boat and only come outside when there is a fish on the line. Call now to get in on the action!

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