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Oregon Fishing in the winter



With the fall salmon season winding down, you might be asking what’s up next? I have you covered from my heated boat.
November is a excellent time for Dungeness crab.

I  offer my crab trips on the lower Columbia River around Astoria Oregon area. With the limit being 12 Dungeness crab per person this will make a great dinner.

December, January is fun big fish lots of action, however it is catch-and-release. We will be fishing for river monster,  better know as the dinosaur of  the river.
The great white Sturgeon  average size of a sturgeon is 4 to 9 feet long. Sturgeon are very hard fighting fish and they love to explode out of the water. Sturgeon fishing always offers plenty of action.

You will be Sturgeon fishing in the Willamette River, or the Columbia River in the Portland area.

You will enjoy your day Fishing in my 24 foot covered and heated alumaweld fishing machine.