The time has come to talk about a little safety when you anchor your boat on the Columbia River and Willamette River.

With all the rain we have had, the river’s are high and there is a lot of stuff floating in the water.

I have 350 feet of rope with a Columbia River Anchor, at the end of the rope I have an EZ Marine buoy anchor pulley system.

I start around 200 feet or so from were I want my boat to sit, I put the boat in reverse for a second just to make sure we are going backwards, then I let the anchor drop, I put the boat in forward, to slow down dont want to go back real fast, just keep the rope out in front of the boat.

When I get about 20 feet from were I want my boat, I let go of the buoy. I like the buoy to be around 15 feet or so from the bow of my boat, Now tie the rope off and you are ready.

During the day always keep a good eye on the river to make sure there are no tress or logs drifting towards your boat.
Good luck and be safe.




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