A popular way fishing for salmon on the Columbia river is called backtrolling.I prefer to use a jet diver and a quickfish.

With your boat headed upstream above the are you wish to fish run your motor just fast enough to hold your boat even with the current.

While holding your boat steady as if it were anchored let your jet diver out and behind your boat.

When you stop letting line out the current will cause your lure to dive and wiggle.

Backtrolling is the process of allowing your boat and trailing lure to slowly slip downstream while resisting the current enought to cause your lure to dive near the bottom.

On the Columbia river I prefer to use k-14 and k-15 Kwickfish with a sardine rap on it.

In the heavy Columbia river current the pole has a nice boe to it.When the salmon slam it there is no doubt about it.

Id love to hear some of your backtrolling stories!.




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