Today was a family day on the river.the kids and I launched the boat at 33rd in marine drive at about 8am.

I decided to take the kids for a day of catch and release sturgeon fishing.

So we headed down river and started fishing at kelly point park.We caught a few small sturgeon,Not much going on.

So I headed up the Willamette river and started fishing righted under the steel bridge.

We had pretty good success here immedietly catching a 45 inch sturgeon.

My kids did not understand why we had to let it go. But then again it was a catch and release day.

We caught 8 or 9 more fish all in the 35 inch range.Then we decided to go cruising for a couple hours and enjoy the weather on the river, Then headed home for lunch.

Im sure my kids had fun i look forward to shad season fishing with them!.




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